If you're new here: hi!!
If you're not new and want to know what's the latest from Mamba and Pats, scroll to the bottom, though I'm updating this pre-recorded statement today.
NEW PEOPLE!! HI!! WTF have you stumbled upon?!

Years ago, 2 snarky, sarcastic, dry humor-loving, a bit not right in the head-even when on our meds, feminst, left-leaning lawyers would text each other shit we thought was funny on Facebook but couldn't repost because we're fucking lawyers and we didn't want to offend family or potential clients. We didn't have pseudonyms then, but ~MF Black Mamba made a page called Shit Women With Law Degrees Say and added me, ☆Patsy Stone. And over many years 2 people dumping memes and news articles we thought the other should read turned into us sharing our own posts but blaming it on this Shit Women With Law Degrees Say page. And more people followed the page.
At 25,000 followers, someone asked for tee shirts, and we laughed, because we both run our own solo law firms, we live in different parts of the state of Florida, and we don't have the time to do shit like sell you stuff. Then MF Black Mamba said, "We need to make money off you mofos." (that's a direct qoute, btw!) And at 69,000 followers (heh heh, she said 69) (Yeah, I did that on purpose!) we launched a website to sell you shit. I learned how to design shit and MF Black Mamba had to learn tax and shipping, and ecommerce, which is pretty difficult for us old Gen X'rs who don't learn new tricks well after a career practicing law. BUT Www.SWWLDS.COM has a few lawyer friends who have helped us along the way with contracts, banking, incorporation, advice. Etc. So, we sell shit. For lawyers and law students and legal staff. Some of it says Shit some of it doesn't. I need to get going and make some NEW shit because we have never taken any profits from the site and are using the money for something much bigger than money. (Dude, did I just say that? FML)
Somewhere in that time we realized that we have an amazing group of women here and it would be awesome to get you all to be able to talk to each other in a forum where you can remain anonymous but Mamba and Pats have verified you're a lawyer and we can try to match new lawyers up with seasoned lawyers in a mentoring program. We're not sure how that will work but if you could all just talk to each other and support each other, find someone in your state/province/country/general jurisdiction to relate to...IDFK, it will work!
I know 20 years ago, women lawyers terrified me, hell asking anyone for help was terrifying, and here i am now with a fuckton of advice and no one to help. I've raised a lot of trial lawyers and Mamba and I run solo firms, man, talk about learning shit!
The private Facebook groups are fantastic for asking "dumb questions" until you see that fucking opposing counsel's name there and she's also a member and also saw your dumb question just looking for support and you're mortified. (it happened to me, twice, once bitching indirectly about a prosecutor's stupid-ass plea offer and again asking about a relatively common family law issue that shouldnt have been over my fucking head but it was, and damn if both these ladies were on the private fb page.
Well, this dream is more complicated but we began a funding account to build that mentoring forum. I'm taking down the link because those donors are now a part of creating the forum.

We were briefly (8 months of embarassment) known as Stuff Women With Law Degrees Say because we decided to advertise with Facebook ads to try to grow our page and thereby grow both sales and forum website projects. Facebook said, um, no, bitches, no swear words in Facebook advertising, not even if you change it to symbols. So, stuff or any other S word had to do, we already own shitwomenwithlawdegreessay as a domain for later and we're using swwlds for sales, so Stuff it is. For Facebook only. We have an IG and Twitter that I run and as soon as i determine Pinterest rules, I'll start that. But, honestly, we both spend most of our time here, posting dumb memes, interesting articles, and talking to you guys all day.
So, stick around! And thanks for being here!

OLD PEOPLE! hahahaha! i called you OLD! The subscription forum is a pay to be a member site because of the amount of money going into it, needed to maintain it, keep it ad-free, and to keep it monitored all the time. We already have a staff of 5, and two of us work for free. We will verify you have a Law Degree, and of course, some exceptions will be made, think ahead of a good pseudonym to use and you'll all do your best to follow standard legal ethics and not out any other members or your clients, and once we verify you are a lawyer/hold a law degree, we will give you a free week to check it out before you decide to pay for shit. It won't be snark, it will be real. We'll have forums for Solo Practice, Lawyer Moms, Lawyers of Color, Health of all kinds, mental/physical all that shit, you will be able to find women who have been there, been through it, and didn't hit the man or woman who pissed them off. lol.
It will be politics-free, insofar as the politics that don't affect the law and the practice of law goes, but this is for liberals and conservatives and whatever else people may call themselves. Currently, it is for women who identify as women and we WILL get to you law students as soon as possible, but damn, we gotta start somewhere. Paralegals and staff, hang in there, we'll see what we can do soon.
The forum is not available yet. and you will KNOW when it happens, I promise. So in the meantime, buy some shit you have been wanting and the new stainless tumblers should be out next week or so for all your not-a-Yeti Wine Drinking needs... it has a lid, too!

☆Patsy and ~MF Black Mamba
Shit Women With Law Degrees Say