HELP! We don't know why we have been repeatedly "feature blocked" by facebook, but it's only a matter of time before they delete our page. today marks our 4th block, people can't see our posts, can't really access the page, and it's killing our community and our subsequent plan for the future. We've used all this money from this swag site to fund the forum plan. we would have been able to have free marketing to 140K people and now, we have nothing. basically. 

We have had no responses to our 4 appeal requests and we don't know if we're violating a rule, or if we're being reported, or if we're stuck in some bot-hell inside the fb matrix. We applied to change our name to Shit Women With Law Degrees Say several months ago and it was approved.  We briefly changed our name to Stuff Women With Law Degrees Say for advertising purposes, you cannot advertise on FB with an expletive in your name, not even if you substitute symbols for the letters. but we asked to change it back after 8 months.  If our name is now actually an issue, we cannot change it due to being in this suspended animation.

We have tried to maintain a Twitter and Instagram account over the years but they don't have even a fraction of the followers so when the page is suspended, facebook users just don't see us. smh. We're at the mercy of a massive company and we're just 2 lawyers trying to help our 140K followers get through the day and if we launch our dream site, to mentor each other through this shit job of law and we were hoping, law school, but, hell... Suspended animation is just horrible. 

If you have any media contacts, now is the time to reach them. We're running Shit Women With Law Degrees Say -The Remix on fb now and Twitter @Shitwomenwithl1 is going. please do whatever you can to help, retweet for help. contact the media, post on facebook about our backup page and file a complaint with fb that you cannot see our page. Our forum site won't ever contain politics, or memes, but we'll never get there if we lose this fb access.